Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Helpful links about Cushing's and Cyclical Cushing's.

I wanted to go ahead and make another post that has some helpful information and links to those who may be interested.

Dr. Friedman's website is http://www.goodhormonehealth.com/  There is a wealth of information on there pertaining to cyclical Cushing's and of course full blown Cushing's, symptoms to be looking for in a high and a low and so many other studies that are helpful to someone who is looking to find answers or just educate themselves further.

This text is taken from Dr. Friedman's website and it explains what to look for in a high and low. The exact link is http://goodhormonehealth.com/forpatients/UFC-collection-jan10-1.pdf

Every patient is unique in how their bodies respond to fluctuations in cortisol. A “high”
period has some telltale signs for most sufferers.  However, in some cases, what patients
have labeled as their “high” is really their “low” phase.  Patients describe the following
issues as things they tend to experience in a “high” phase:
- Wired at night
- Weight gain
- Acne
- Anxiety increase/mood swings/irritability
- Euphoria/more energy than usual
- Very few aches and pains
- Tasks seem easier
- Insomnia/inability to stay or fall asleep.
- Energy levels that “perk up” after sunset.
- “Speed talking” – mind is going faster than your brain can process the thoughts to
speak them.
- Water weight gain – edema
- High blood pressure
- High blood sugar if diabetic
- Nausea
- Weight loss
- Depression
- Lethargy- Extreme fatigue
- Muscle/joint pain
When you first start testing, we ask that you test during both phases (high and low) and at
random.  Please jot down a brief note for each day you test indicating how you felt the
time frame that you tested in.  In this way, if we notice that you tend to get a high test
result during a time when you feel a particular way, we can ask you to repeat your testing
during these times only.  Please keep in mind that these are general guidelines.  If you
have noticed overlapping symptoms between the “high” and “low” list, do not worry.  It
will take time to discover your cycle."

A link to a wealth of information pertaining to Cushing's. http://goodhormonehealth.com/symptoms/symptoms.html

A pdf from Dr. Friedman's website that is extremely helpful information about Cyclical Cushing's.

This link includes information on testing.  Over the years I have been given a lot of misinformation for testing and do believe these are extremely accurate and the best way to test.

The greatest website and forum on the internet to link and educate people looking for answers pertaining to Cushing's.

Other helpful websites

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