Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 22 of Cushing's Awareness: Misinformation on the internet

First off I want to share a dear friend's blog post regarding an article that was found on about "how to avoid Cushing's Disease."  The article is full of false information and my friend Jessica took the time to point out the errors and explain in great detail why they are false and also made sure to send this information to the writer of the article. Jessica's blog post can be found on her "brain tumors can make you fat!" blog. Also here is the link to the article that is being addressed on which is full of horrible, horrible misinformation.

Please take the time to read the blog entry.  It is full of amazing information for anyone who has Cushing's or suspects they may have Cushing's.

One of the biggest kickers for me was reading this lovely tidbit about sodium.

"Limit sodium in your diet as much as possible. Although some salt is necessary for survival, excess salt will reduce swelling from the pituitary gland. A lowered intake of salt will also help high blood-pressure, which is a symptom of Cushing's disease."

If only I had know that limiting my sodium intake would have kept me Cushing's free I would have ditched it years ago.  *rolls eyes*  This is the type of misinformation that makes people look ridiculous when they go into a doctor's appointment thinking they are armed with good information that might help them get diagnosed or get to the bottom of what is causing their illness.  Please do your research and make sure you have facts from a reputable source.  I am a firm believer in doing your research, especially with this disease.  Most of the people that I know with Cushing's have had to become their own advocate and educate themselves on every aspect of the disease.  So many of the professionals who are trained in this field really are just doing guesswork.  It's very disheartening, so please educate yourself to the fullest and seek a physician who is extremely qualified and knowledgeable in Cushing's.  Most Endocrinologists only deal with diabetes and thyroid issues and have been taught that they most likely will not encounter a Cushing's patient while practicing medicine.  Educate yourself so you can save your life or that of a loved one.  Cushing's does and will kill you if it is not diagnosed and treated.   Be your own advocate!

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